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Publikationen 2013

Adamaszek M, Olbrich S, Kirkby KC, Woldag H, Willert C, Heinrich A
Event-related potentials indicating impaired emotional attention in cerebellar stroke--a case study.
Neurosci Lett 2013; 548: 206-211
ISSN 0304-3940
Impact factor: 2.026

Allgaier AK, Kramer D, Saravo B, Mergl R, Fejtkova S, Hegerl U
Beside the Geriatric Depression Scale: the WHO-Five Well-being Index as a valid screening tool for depression in nursing homes.
Int J Geriatr Psychiatry 2013; 28(11): 1197-1204
ISSN 0885-6230
Impact factor: 2.977

Anderson-Schmidt H, Adler L, Aly C, Anghelescu IG, Bauer M, Baumgartner J, Becker J, Bianco R, Becker T, Bitter C, Bonsch D, Buckow K, Budde M, Buhrig M, Deckert J, Demiroglu SY, Dietrich D, Dumpelman
The "DGPPN-Cohort": a national collaboration initiative by the German Association for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (DGPPN) for establishing a large-scale cohort of psychiatric patients.
Eur Arch Psychiatry Clin Neurosci 2013; 263(8): 695-701
ISSN 0940-1334
Impact factor: 3.200

Andreou C, Leicht G, Popescu V, Pogarell O, Mavrogiorgou P, Rujescu D, Giegling I, Zaudig M, Juckel G, Hegerl U, Mulert C
P300 in obsessive-compulsive disorder: Source localization and the effects of treatment.
J Psychiatr Res 2013; 47(12): 1975-1983
ISSN 0022-3956
Impact factor: 4.066

Becker GA, Ichise M, Barthel H, Luthardt J, Patt M, Seese A, Schultze-Mosgau M, Rohde B, Gertz HJ, Reininger C, Sabri O
PET quantification of 18F-florbetaben binding to ß-amyloid deposits in human brains.
J Nucl Med 2013; 54(5): 723-731
ISSN 0161-5505
Impact factor: 5.774

Bühler B, Kocalevent R, Berger R, Mahler A, Preiss B, Liwowsky I, Carl P, Hegerl U
[Treatment situation of long-term unemployed with psychological disorders].
Nervenarzt 2013; 84(5): 603-607
ISSN 0028-2804
Impact factor: 0.804

Cebria AI, Parra I, Pamias M, Escayola A, Garcia-Pares G, Punti J, Laredo A, Valles V, Cavero M, Oliva JC, Hegerl U, Perez-Sola V, Palao DJ
Effectiveness of a telephone management programme for patients discharged from an emergency department after a suicide attempt: controlled study in a Spanish population.
J Affect Disord 2013; 147(1-3): 269-276
ISSN 0165-0327
Impact factor: 3.295

Coppens E, Van Audenhove C, Scheerder G, Arensman E, Coffey C, Costa S, Koburger N, Gottlebe K, Gusmao R, O'Connor R, Postuvan V, Sarchiapone M, Sisask M, Szekely A, van der Feltz-Cornelis C, Hegerl U
Public attitudes toward depression and help-seeking in four European countries baseline survey prior to the OSPI-Europe intervention.
J Affect Disord 2013; 150(2): 320-329
ISSN 0165-0327
Impact factor: 3.295

del Ser T, Steinwachs KC, Gertz HJ, Andres MV, Gomez-Carrillo B, Medina M, Vericat JA, Redondo P, Fleet D, Leon T
Treatment of Alzheimer's disease with the GSK-3 inhibitor tideglusib: a pilot study.
J Alzheimers Dis 2013; 33(1): 205-215
ISSN 1387-2877
Impact factor: 4.174

Dietrich S, Stengler K
[Sickness Absence and Disability due to Psychiatric Disorders from a Gender Perspective - A Systematic Literature Review.]
Gesundheitswesen 2013; 75(6): e74-94
ISSN 0941-3790
Impact factor: 0.709

Gertz HJ, Stoppe G, Muller-Oerlinghausen B, Schmidt LG, Baethge C, Hiemke C, Lieb K, Bschor T
[Antipsychotics for treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders in dementia.]
Nervenarzt 2013; 84(3): 370-3
ISSN 0028-2804
Impact factor: 0.804

Harris FM, Maxwell M, O'Connor RC, Coyne J, Arensman E, Szekely A, Gusmao R, Coffey C, Costa S, Cserhati Z, Koburger N, van Audenhove C, McDaid D, Maloney J, Varnik P, Hegerl U
Developing social capital in implementing a complex intervention: a process evaluation of the early implementation of a suicide prevention intervention in four European countries.
BMC Public Health 2013; 13: 158
ISSN 1471-2458
Impact factor: 2.076

Hauser T, Schönknecht P, Thomann PA, Gerigk L, Schröder J, Henze R, Radbruch A, Essig M
Regional cerebral perfusion alterations in patients with mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer disease using dynamic susceptibility contrast MRI.
Acad Radiol 2013; 20(6): 705-711
ISSN 1076-6332
Impact factor: 1.914

Hegerl U
[Should treatment of mild depression be exclusively psychotherapeutic? Against].
Nervenarzt 2013; 84(3): 388-389
ISSN 0028-2804
Impact factor: 0.804

Hegerl U, Friede M
Psychische Erkrankungen in Deutschland. Optimierungsspielpläne und Handlungsbedarf.
Nervenheilkunde 2013; 32(10): 762-765
ISSN 0722-1541
Impact factor: 0.281

Hegerl U, Koburger N, Rummel-Kluge C, Gravert C, Walden M, Mergl R
One followed by many?-Long-term effects of a celebrity suicide on the number of suicidal acts on the German railway net.
J Affect Disord 2013; 146(1): 39-44
ISSN 0165-0327
Impact factor: 3.295

Hegerl U, Lam RW, Malhi GS, McIntyre RS, Demyttenaere K, Mergl R, Gorwood P
Conceptualising the neurobiology of fatigue.
Aust N Z J Psychiatry 2013; 47(4): 312-316
ISSN 0004-8674
Impact factor: 3.293

Hegerl U, Mergl R, Doganay G, Reschke K, Rummel-Kluge C
Why has the continuous decline in german suicide rates stopped in 2007?
PLoS One 2013; 8(8): e71589
ISSN 1932-6203
Impact factor: 3.730

Hegerl U, Mergl R, Quail D, Schneider E, Strauss M, Hundemer HP, Linden M
Fast versus slow onset of depressive episodes: A clinical criterion for subtyping patients with major depression.
Eur Psychiatry 2013; 28(5): 288-92
ISSN 0924-9338
Impact factor: 3.285

Hegerl U, Rummel-Kluge C, Varnik A, Arensman E, Koburger N
Alliances against depression - A community based approach to target depression and to prevent suicidal behaviour.
Neurosci Biobehav Rev 2013; 37(10 Pt 1): 2404-9
ISSN 0149-7634
Impact factor: 9.440

Heise S, Steinberg H, Himmerich H
[The discussion about the application and impact of music on depressive diseases throughout history and at present].
Fortschr Neurol Psychiatr 2013; 81(8): 426-436
ISSN 0720-4299
Impact factor: 0.851

Himmerich H, Bartsch S, Hamer H, Mergl R, Schönherr J, Petersein C, Munzer A, Kirkby KC, Bauer K, Sack U
Impact of mood stabilizers and antiepileptic drugs on cytokine production in-vitro.
J Psychiatr Res 2013; 47(11): 1751-1759
ISSN 0022-3956
Impact factor: 4.066

Himmerich H, Fischer J, Bauer K, Kirkby KC, Sack U, Krügel U
Stress-induced cytokine changes in rats.
Eur Cytokine Netw 2013; 24(2): 97-103
ISSN 1148-5493
Impact factor: 1.896

Jödicke J, Olbrich S, Sander C, Minkwitz J, Chittka T, Himmerich H, Hegerl U
Separation of low-voltage EEG-activity during mental activation from that during transition to drowsiness.
Brain Topogr 2013; 26(4): 538-546
ISSN 0896-0267
Impact factor: 3.671

Jovicich J, Marizzoni M, Sala-Llonch R, Bosch B, Bartres-Faz D, Arnold J, Benninghoff J, Wiltfang J, Roccatagliata L, Nobili F, Hensch T, Tränkner A, Schönknecht P, Leroy M, Lopes R, Bordet R, Chanoin
Brain morphometry reproducibility in multi-center 3T MRI studies: A comparison of cross-sectional and longitudinal segmentations.
Neuroimage 2013; 83: 472-484
ISSN 1053-8119
Impact factor: 6.252

Kluge M, Dietzel J
Substantial weight gain associated with severe carbohydrate craving in a patient receiving quetiapine.
Psychiatry Clin Neurosci 2013; 67(3): 189-190
ISSN 1323-1316
Impact factor: 2.040

Kluge M, Hegerl U, Sander C, Dietzel J, Mergl R, Bitter I, Demyttenaere K, Gusmao R, Gonzalez-Pinto A, Perez-Sola V, Vieta E, Juckel G, Zimmermann US, Bauer M, Sienaert P, Quintao S, Edel MA, Bolyos C, Ayuso-Mateos JL, Lopez-Garcia P
Methylphenidate in mania project (MEMAP): study protocol of an international randomised double-blind placebo-controlled study on the initial treatment of acute mania with methylphenidate.
BMC Psychiatry 2013; 13: 71
ISSN 1471-244X
Impact factor: 2.233

Kluge M, Schmidt D, Uhr M, Steiger A
Ghrelin suppresses nocturnal secretion of luteinizing hormone (LH) and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) in patients with major depression.
J Psychiatr Res 2013; 47(9): 1236-1239
ISSN 0022-3956
Impact factor: 4.066

Krügel U, Fischer J, Radicke S, Sack U, Himmerich H
Antidepressant effects of TNF-α blockade in an animal model of depression.
J Psychiatr Res 2013; 47(5): 611-616
ISSN 0022-3956
Impact factor: 4.066

Kumbier E, Haack K, Steinberg H
[50 years Rodewisch theses--for the beginnings of social-psychiatric reforms in East Germany (GDR)].
Psychiatr Prax 2013; 40(6): 313-320
ISSN 0303-4259
Impact factor: 1.618

Kuntzelmann A, Guenther T, Haberkorn U, Essig M, Giesel F, Henze R, Schroeter ML, Schröder J, Schönknecht P
Impaired cerebral glucose metabolism in prodromal Alzheimer's disease differs by regional intensity normalization.
Neurosci Lett 2013; 534: 12-17
ISSN 0304-3940
Impact factor: 2.026

Lam RW, Malhi GS, McIntyre RS, Demyttenaere K, Gorwood P, Michalak EE, Hegerl U
Fatigue and occupational functioning in major depressive disorder.
Aust N Z J Psychiatry 2013; 47(11): 989-991
ISSN 0004-8674
Impact factor: 3.293

Lichtblau N, Schmidt FM, Schumann R, Kirkby KC, Himmerich H
Cytokines as biomarkers in depressive disorder: current standing and prospects.
Int Rev Psychiatry 2013; 25(5): 592-603
ISSN 0954-0261
Impact factor: 1.608

Lopez-Garcia P, Hegerl U
Treatment of acute mania with methylphenidate: therapeutic approach based on a new pathophysiological model.
Rev Psiquiatr Salud Ment 2013; 6(2): 93-94
ISSN 1888-9891
Impact factor: 0.667

Morgen K, Frolich L, Tost H, Plichta MM, Kolsch H, Rakebrandt F, Rienhoff O, Jessen F, Peters O, Jahn H, Luckhaus C, Hull M, Gertz HJ, Schroder J, Hampel H, Teipel SJ, Pantel J, Heuser I, Wiltfang J,
APOE-Dependent Phenotypes in Subjects with Mild Cognitive Impairment Converting to Alzheimer's Disease.
J Alzheimers Dis 2013; 37(2): 389-401
ISSN 1387-2877
Impact factor: 4.174

Mueller D, Kennedy JL, Himmerich H
Future roles of pharmacogenomic testing and biomarkers in psychiatry.
Int Rev Psychiatry 2013; 25: 493
ISSN 0954-0261
Impact factor: 1.608

Munzer A, Sack U, Mergl R, Schönherr J, Petersein C, Bartsch S, Kirkby KC, Bauer K, Himmerich H
Impact of antidepressants on cytokine production of depressed patients in vitro.
Toxins (Basel) 2013; 5(11): 2227-2240
ISSN 2072-6651
Impact factor: 2.129

Oberbeck A, Stengler K, Steinberg H
[On the History of Obsessive Compulsive Disorders: Their Place in the Nosological Classifications up to the Beginning of the 20th Century].
Fortschr Neurol Psychiatr 2013; 81(12): 706-714
ISSN 0720-4299
Impact factor: 0.851

Olbrich S, Arns M
EEG biomarkers in major depressive disorder: discriminative power and prediction of treatment response.
Int Rev Psychiatry 2013; 25(5): 604-618
ISSN 0954-0261
Impact factor: 1.608

Olbrich S, Olbrich H, Adamaszek M, Jahn I, Hegerl U, Stengler K
Altered EEG lagged coherence during rest in obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Clin Neurophysiol 2013; 124(12): 2421-2430
ISSN 1388-2457
Impact factor: 3.144

Olbrich S, Olbrich H, Jahn I, Sander C, Adamaszek M, Hegerl U, Reque F, Stengler K
EEG-vigilance regulation during the resting state in obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Clin Neurophysiol 2013; 124(3): 497-502
ISSN 1388-2457
Impact factor: 3.144

Pfeil S, Holtz K, Tiefensee J, Bresner T, Kästner A, Kopf A, Hegerl U
Hilfe für psychisch kranke Langzeitarbeitslose.
Nervenheilkunde 2013; 32(8): 592-594
ISSN 0722-1541
Impact factor: 0.281

Rhein C, Naumann J, Muhle C, Zill P, Adli M, Hegerl U, Hiemke C, Mergl R, Moller HJ, Reichel M, Kornhuber J
The Acid Sphingomyelinase Sequence Variant p.A487V Is Not Associated With Decreased Levels of Enzymatic Activity.
JIMD Rep 2013; 8: 1-6
ISSN 2192-8304
Impact factor: 0.000

Riedel-Heller SG, Luppa M, Seidler A, Becker T, Stengler K
[Mental health and work: concepts, evidence and implications for research and practice].
Nervenarzt 2013; 84(7): 832-837
ISSN 0028-2804
Impact factor: 0.804

Rummel-Kluge C, Kluge M, Kissling W
Frequency and relevance of psychoeducation in psychiatric diagnoses: results of two surveys five years apart in German-speaking European countries.
BMC Psychiatry 2013; 13: 170
ISSN 1471-244X
Impact factor: 2.233

Schindler S, Schönknecht P, Schmidt L, Anwander A, Strauss M, Trampel R, Bazin PL, Moller HE, Hegerl U, Turner R, Geyer S
Development and evaluation of an algorithm for the computer-assisted segmentation of the human hypothalamus on 7-tesla magnetic resonance images.
PLoS One 2013; 8(7): e66394
ISSN 1932-6203
Impact factor: 3.730

Schmidt FM, Kratzsch J, Gertz HJ, Tittmann M, Jahn I, Pietsch UC, Kaisers UX, Thiery J, Hegerl U, Schönknecht P
Correction: Cerebrospinal Fluid Melanin-Concentrating Hormone (MCH) and Hypocretin-1 (HCRT-1, Orexin-A) in Alzheimer's Disease.
PLoS One 2013; 8(6): e63136
ISSN 1932-6203
Impact factor: 3.730

Schmidt FM, Lichtblau N, Uribe MM, Kirchherr H, Himmerich H
Agomelatine in breast milk.
Int J Neuropsychopharmacol 2013; 16(2): 497-499
ISSN 1461-1457
Impact factor: 5.641

Schmidt FM, Schonherr J, Sander C, Kirkby KC, Hegerl U, Himmerich H
Applying EEG-based vigilance measurement in a case of adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
Int J Neuropsychopharmacol 2013; 16(5): 1169-71
ISSN 1461-1457
Impact factor: 5.641

Schmidt L, Ceglarek U, Kortz L, Hoop M, Kirkby KC, Thiery J, Himmerich H
Mechanisms of Involvement of Eicosanoids and their Precursors in the Pathophysiology and Treatment of Schizophrenia.
Med Chem 2013; 9(6): 763-773
ISSN 1573-4064
Impact factor: 1.373

Schobess C, Steinberg H
[Knowledge of German neurologists on migraine around 1890. Paul Julius Möbius and his 1894 monograph Die Migräne].
Nervenarzt 2013; 84(8): 995-1001
ISSN 0028-2804
Impact factor: 0.804

Schonknecht P, Mundt C
Indeterminacy of Translation and Impaired Intersubjectivity in Schizophrenia.
Psychopathology 2013; 46(2): 88-93
ISSN 0254-4962
Impact factor: 1.615

Schröter A, Riha O, Steinberg H
"[P]lumpe [...] Versuche der weiblichen Wissenschaft"? Sexualität, soziale Rolle und Intelligenz der Frau bei deutschsprachigen Autorinnen des frühen 20. Jahrhunderts.
Zeitschrift für Sexualforschung 2013; 26(3): 245-265
ISSN 0932-8114
Impact factor: 0.774

Schönknecht P, Anwander A, Petzold F, Schindler S, Knosche TR, Moller HE, Hegerl U, Turner R, Geyer S
Diffusion imaging-based subdivision of the human hypothalamus: a magnetic resonance study with clinical implications.
Eur Arch Psychiatry Clin Neurosci 2013; 263(6): 497-508
ISSN 0940-1334
Impact factor: 3.200

Steiger A, Dresler M, Kluge M, Schüssler P
Pathology of sleep, hormones and depression.
Pharmacopsychiatry 2013; 46(Suppl.1): 30-35
ISSN 0176-3679
Impact factor: 2.109

Steinberg H
Oswald Bumke (1877-1950).
J Neurol 2013; 260(9): 2444-2445
ISSN 0340-5354
Impact factor: 3.578

Steinberg H
A pioneer work on electric brain stimulation in psychotic patients. Rudolph Gottfried Arndt and his 1870s studies.
Brain Stimul 2013; 6(4): 477-481
ISSN 1935-861X
Impact factor: 4.538

Steinberg H
Letter to the editor: transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) has a history reaching back to the 19th century.
Psychol Med 2013; 43(3): 669-671
ISSN 0033-2917
Impact factor: 5.587

Steinberg H, Carius D, Himmerich H
Richard Arwed Pfeifer - a pioneer of 'medical pedagogy' and an opponent of Paul Schröder.
History of Psychiatry 2013; 24(4): 459-476
ISSN 0957-154X
Impact factor: 0.582

Steinberg H, Herrmann-Lingen C, Himmerich H
Johann Christian August Heinroth: psychosomatic medicine eighty years before Freud.
Psychiatr Danub 2013; 25(1): 11-16
ISSN 0353-5053
Impact factor: 0.633

Steinberg H, Himmerich H
Emil Kraepelin's habilitation and his thesis: A pioneer work for modern systematic reviews, psychoimmunological research and categories of psychiatric diseases.
World J Biol Psychiatry 2013; 14(4): 248-57
ISSN 1562-2975
Impact factor: 3.571

Steinberg H, Wagner A
Wilhelm Erb's Years in Leipzig (1880-1883) and Their Impact on the History of Neurology.
Eur Neurol 2013; 70(5-6): 267-275
ISSN 0014-3022
Impact factor: 1.500

Steinmetz M, Himmerich H, Steinberg H
[An Early Social-Psychiatric Work in the GDR].
Psychiatr Prax 2013; 40(2): 65-71
ISSN 0303-4259
Impact factor: 1.618

Stengler K, Olbrich S, Heider D, Dietrich S, Riedel-Heller S, Jahn I
Mental health treatment seeking among patients with OCD: impact of age of onset.
Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol 2013; 48(5): 813-9
ISSN 0933-7954
Impact factor: 2.861

Strauss M, Mergl R, Sander C, Doehring C, Schönknecht P, Angst J, Hegerl U
Test-retest stability of the onset of depression inventory.
Psychopathology 2013; 47(1): 45-50
ISSN 0254-4962
Impact factor: 1.615

Szekely A, Konkoly Thege B, Mergl R, Birkas E, Rozsa S, Purebl G, Hegerl U
How to Decrease Suicide Rates in Both Genders? An Effectiveness Study of a Community-Based Intervention (EAAD).
PLoS One 2013; 8(9): e75081
ISSN 1932-6203
Impact factor: 3.730

Thormann J, Chittka T, Minkwitz J, Kluge M, Himmerich H
[Obesity and depression: an overview on the complex interactions of two diseases].
Fortschr Neurol Psychiatr 2013; 81(3): 145-153
ISSN 0720-4299
Impact factor: 0.851

Tränkner A, Sander C, Schönknecht P
A critical review of the recent literature and selected therapy guidelines since 2006 on the use of lamotrigine in bipolar disorder.
Neuropsychiatr Dis Treat 2013; 9: 101-111
ISSN 1176-6328
Impact factor: 2.000

Tiepolt S, Barthel H, Butzke D, Hesse S, Patt M, Gertz HJ, Reininger C, Sabri O
Influence of scan duration on the accuracy of ß-amyloid PET with florbetaben in patients with Alzheimer's disease and healthy volunteers.
Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2013; 40(2): 238-44
ISSN 1619-7070
Impact factor: 5.114

Ungewitter C, Böttger D, El-Jurdi J, Kilian R, Losert C, Ludwig K, Steinkohl V, Bramesfeld A
[Service structure and cooperation in mental health care].
Nervenarzt 2013; 84(3): 307-314
ISSN 0028-2804
Impact factor: 0.804

Wolf J, Jäger C, Lachmann I, Schönknecht P, Morawski M, Arendt T, Mothes T
Tissue transglutaminase is not a biochemical marker for Alzheimer's disease.
Neurobiol Aging 2013; 34(11): 2495-2498
ISSN 0197-4580
Impact factor: 6.166

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